Una estatua de Guanyin en Foshan

Fechas - Celebraciones

Anualmente, entre los chinos budistas, se celebran tres fiestas
dedicadas a Guan Shi Yin Bodhisattva:
El cumpleaños de Bodhisattva: día 19 del segundo mes lunar. (Miércoles 31 de marzo de 2021)
Día de la iluminación de Bodhisattva: día 19 del sexto mes luna. (Miércoles 28 de julio de 2021)
El día en que Bodhisattva se marcha de casa: día 19 del noveno mes lunar. (Domingo, 24 de octubre de 2021)

Traducción del inglés-El Guanyin del Monte Xiqiao es una estatua colosal de Guanyin, en el Monte Xiqiao, en el distrito de Nanhai de Foshan, Guangdong, China. Este monumento tiene 62 m de altura y se asienta sobre un pedestal de 15 m con una altura total de 77 m. Wikipedia (Inglés)
The Nanhai Kwan Yin Statue sits atop of the Daxian Peak more than 290 meters above sea level. Daxian Peak is one of the 72 peaks of Xiqiao Mountain (Xiqiaoshan) Being located in Nanhai District, Foshan City, in southern Guangdong Province. The height of the statue is 61,9 meters high (about 203 feet). This remembers that the Bodhisattva’s Enlightenment Day is the 19th of the sixth lunar month. The statue is built on a steel frame structure. The figure of Kwan-yin is forged with fine copper. Her head is enclosed by a circle of lights, on top of which is a heavenly crown decorated with pearls, overlooking all living creatures with a benignant countenance and the slightly raised right arm, the buxom, elegant and sedate Kwan-yin seat cross legged on a lotus-shaped which is 36 meters in diameters and mounted externally with 66 lotus petals at three different levels from the bottom up. Inside the throne, there is a five-story hall, where you can find Kwan-yin Shrine, the Illuminating Buddha Light, arts and craft exhibition room, as well as godly. The lotus pedestal is surrounded by a lotus pool with four bridges connected to it which signifies lands and virtue waters in all directions, that is, a perfect Buddhahood. The statue is a perfectly sculpted gigantic sculpture.

Are there two Nanhai Kwan Yin temples around Foshan City in different locations?
Yes, there are two. One is Kwan Yin Statue that tou see here. It is located at the Xiqiaoshan Scenic Area. The other is actually Kwan Yin Temple. The address is Niugugang, Nanguo Taoyuan, Shishan Town.